The Government of India forbids LED fish lamp

As some controversy in the use of the LED fish lamp, Government of India's Ministry of Fisheries has issued a government notice to confirm the disable of the LED fish lamp. This command is signed by  Fisheries Department officials Dr. Sharmila Monteiro .

The Government of India forbids LED fish lamp

India few months controversy LED fish lamp, fishing around in dispute practitioners, mechanized fishing vessel owners, fishermen and other traditional between.

The Indian government's new standard involves two aspects. First this Order is to prohibit the use of LED fish lamp in a particular area, the other is in the mechanized or motorized fishing boats, use the LED fish lamp vessel including trawl, seine or gillnet these forms is prohibited of.

India, the move is aimed at protecting fishery resources are not overfished, and taking into account traditional fishing practices livelihoods and interests of India in 1980, citing local fruit Ya Daman and Diu Marine complement regulations to restrict labor.

After all, through the LED fish lamp to catch fish is a more efficient approach, but in order to protect the interests of local traditions, as well as part of the control of fishery resources, so India disable LED fish lamp in a few Indian waters .whether it will affect the situation of other similar cultures, and different sectors of the national interests and who want to control fisheries resources are also using the same measures , it is worthy of observation and attention.


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