The high use of LED grow lights indoor vertical farm costs

Traditional farming techniques rely on the sun, but the interior lighting is heavily dependent on artificial light, it will consume a lot of power. According to the director of the Institute of Agricultural Environment Control Cornell Lewis ? Albright said about carbon dioxide emissions per kilogram of lettuce for indoor four kilograms. This does not include climate control, ventilation, heating and cooling, to form a comprehensive indoor farming systems. According to reports, carbon interior lettuce farming is 7-20 times the outdoor lettuce.

The high use of LED grow lights indoor vertical farm costs

Transforming Effect efficient lighting is limited. A spokesman for Philips Lighting LED grow lights will increase an estimated 10 percent efficiency. Albright estimated to achieve 50% or more, but only 50% of the electricity is efficiently converted into LED grow lighting.

This paper proposes injecting carbon dioxide into the air will make lighting more efficient, since when the plant photosynthesis, need to constantly consume carbon dioxide in the air, if there is more carbon dioxide in the air, more preferably under the same lighting conditions plants can grow.

However, even with the method described above, only 40% efficiency in the short term, this is not enough. We need to continue to improve LED grow lighting applications in agriculture, combined with other methods, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions.


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