The LED high bay light is widely used in the field of industrial lighting

With the development of the society, all kinds of industrial buildings, such as bamboo shoots emerge, in order to ensure the smooth progress of production and inspection workers, will need to configure corresponding in the workshop lighting lamps and lanterns to light workers to the demand.Industrial lighting lamps and lanterns that the functional characteristics of LED lamps and lanterns.In the application in the field of industrial lighting, LED lighting lamps and lanterns need to pay attention to its function, the environment is complex and diverse choice of lamps and lanterns.

The LED high bay light is widely used in the field of industrial lighting

Choose LED high bay lamps and lanterns need according to the different intensity of illumination and places, choose a different light source power combination.Industrial lighting has the characteristics of complex environment, conditions, and therefore need to be according to the lighting of all kinds of environmental conditions, choose different kinds of lamps and lanterns, respectively.Industrial workshop lighting is mainly workshop and warehouse lighting lighting, building lighting, industrial lighting should be reached a certain intensity of illumination conditions to ensure the comfort and safety of workers, do anti-dazzle processing.Now one of the most commonly chosen lighting lamps and lanterns is trillion chang lighting LED mining lamp.

Workshop lighting design follows the first according to the structure of the workshop and the height of the lighting installation.Choose suitable for factory building structure of the lamps and lanterns, lighting will be much higher efficiency;Try to use the color temperature and color rendering index of lamps and lanterns to match the workers to make the LED mining lamps, this can make production area lighting light appears very even, can satisfy the demands of lighting lamps and lanterns for the whole building lighting;Interference in the lighting of lamps and lanterns of the plant in order to ensure, must try to avoid the voltage fluctuation.In addition must be equipped with can run at a certain voltage range of lighting device, use reasonable industrial lighting lamps and lanterns can improve the efficiency of lighting.

Trillion chang LED lamp fixtures used mostly high-power lamp beads as the main light source, it has high thermal conductivity, light failure is small, the advantages of good color rendering, no ghosting.LED high bay lighthas the advantages of green pollution-free, its color is very good, for any entity material color rendering realistic, eliminates the past lighting gives people the color error, improve the work efficiency of the workers.

LED high bay lightusing power is larger, the very unique heat dissipation design, and compared with electrical box clever union, effective spread heat diffusion, which might reduce the temperature in the LED lights, to ensure that the service life of the lamp body.Trillion chang staff in the surface coated with a layer of anti-corrosion treatment of lamps and lanterns, also played the appearance of beautiful effect.LED high bay lightuse scope is broad, tend to use in the warehouse, the empty courtyard, freight yard, storage or large prison, etc., its long service life, low consumption of energy.One of the lamps and lanterns is by far the most widely used.

Actually, the LED high bay lightis the most obvious effect of energy conservation, generally USES the quality is very good chip, equipped with efficient power, so that when it compared with the same brightness of lamps and lanterns, can save seventy-five percent of energy consumption.LED high bay lightspecial chip, make its service life is long, life is about fifty thousand hours.In addition, the LED high bay lightgreen pollution-free, excluding special chemicals, users will not cause the harm of the body and the environment pollution and so on.Some users will be to deal with the special appearance of the LED industrial light, use it for decoration, the effect is good, with its simple installation, use range is more extensive.


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