The market needs intelligent LED street lamp

According to the International Climate Group (The Climate Group) statistics, the global street lamp holdings of about 304 million, and in 2025 reached 352 million. London, for example, street lighting, the annual power consumption of up to 5600 million degrees (according to statistics, the city of London street lamp holdings of about 35,000 to 400W high pressure sodium lamp as the base), huge energy consumption combined with artificial patrols Inspection, management and maintenance costs, spending a huge ah.

The market needs intelligent LED street lamp

Street lighting is essential to people's daily lives in public facilities. It is understood that the current street lighting power consumption accounts for about 15% of the total. The face of power supply tensions, the traditional energy-saving LED has been unable to meet the needs of a wide range of energy-saving; and manual control, street inspection is also a need to spend a lot of manpower and resources of the work. More efficient management tools and energy-saving program has become the focus of attention of management.

Currently on the market for LED drive power management, LED lighting, excellent intelligent energy-saving monitoring solutions can be described as rare.

1. Manual, light control, clock control: vulnerable to the season, the weather natural environment and human factors, often the light does not shine, the extinguished immortal, resulting in energy waste and financial burden.

2. Can not remotely change the switch lamp time: can not be based on the actual situation (weather changes, major events, festivals) timely school time and modify the switch lamp time, LED lights can not be dimmed, can not achieve secondary energy.

3. Does not have the street light condition monitoring: The breakdown foundation mainly comes from the patrol personnel to report and the public complaint, lacks initiative, timeliness and the reliability, can not real-time, accurately, comprehensively monitor the city street lamp movement condition.

4. General manual inspection: the lack of unified management of the scheduling capacity, only one by a power distribution unit for the adjustment, not only time-consuming and laborious, but also increased the possibility of human misuse.

5. Equipment is easy to lose the fault can not be located: can not accurately find the cable Daojue, lamp stolen and open circuit, once the above situation will bring huge economic losses, at the same time affect the public's normal life and travel safety.

Therefore, with intelligent management of outdoor lighting solutions become a hot spot for street management. The following program through the following, take a look at intelligent street lighting solutions and traditional street lighting solutions are different.


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