The new trend for LED commercial lighting

As we all know, because of the LED, the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will be unprecedented glory and splendid; because of the LED, 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be fabulous at night fabulous. Similarly, because of the LED, commercial space lighting will become colorful. Only the designer can’t think, not afraid of manufacturers can’t do.

The new trend for LED commercial lighting

It is true that the pursuit is endless, the lighting is not looking forward to the ideal of the road, is wrestling in a dream. How to make business lighting more cohesive or appeal? How to let the Putian public is directed at the light to the mall (square), and later is the shopping, leisure, entertainment, etc., then how can we do better? The following trends are worth studying:

Trend one, more intelligent

Internet + LED=Smart, it is necessary. This is not a simple energy saving, but to allow customers to really experience. A kind of light to conquer the world, a single color temperature of the overall situation may be gone or lost. Does the countryside speak about poverty alleviation? Would not you try to make precise lighting?

Trend two, multi-color temperature

Commercial lighting, how fascinating? Color temperature has played a very important role.

Trend three, multi-color

In commercial business, business lighting also words business, for business. To increase the lighting to the height of business services is a matter of course, or talk about what business design or even set up? To create a blend of business atmosphere, the role of lighting is often crucial. Such as with petty bourgeoisie or human feelings or birthday party, with a color change of light, will bring joy, bring affection, bring excitement. So why, why not use it?

Trend four, more emotional

People's needs sometimes "bizarre", then you have to "light to light." Art youth to retro, "Starchaser family" to Westernization, all these. Fortunately, the emergence of the LED, see the light not see the light is right, see the light more light is right. Such as a hundred years incandescent, is still popular, just changed the filament only. Entity business difficult, use light to create the scene, to retain people's hurry footsteps, it is worth thinking twice, perhaps by this trick, you can share with the network operators PK.

Trend five, more pure

LED has a new breakthrough, silicon-based yellow has been able to do 130LM / W. In other words, perhaps not the phosphor "white", this light, not blue, do not use phosphor to stimulate. Such as in the business license, will be more pleasing to the eye. Another five primary colors (blue green and yellow high-quality white, the ideal value, showing 97.8, color temperature 3000K, 136LM / W is also quietly research and development, perhaps this is the closest to nature white, worth looking forward to.

Trend six, more burst point

"Light of the rhyme, the heart of the man" is justified. Commercial lighting, zoom can also be said that commercial space lighting. Go shopping, watch the lights, festivals, is the new normal. Obviously in space, people want to set up burst points, such as interactive, experiential, entertaining lighting, entertaining in the lighting, children happy, parents will be more fun.

Trend seven, more cross-border

Internet + era has a distinctive feature, is cross-border cooperation to share a win-win situation. Commercial lighting is also the case, light (chips, devices, modular), optical, lighting, power and heat sink and so on. Because people's aesthetic has been greatly improved, lighting is not only to light up, but also in the comfortable, comfortable to see.

Trend eight, more creative

From a business point of view, how much creative may bring much business. Especially lighting, creative, it will lead attention. Big creative, big concern; small ideas, small concern; no creativity, no attention. Foreigners often complain that the taste of Chinese consumption changes really fast taste Commercial lighting requires classic works, especially those that need to stand the test of time.

Trend nine, more combined

Commercial lighting is a box, everything can be installed inside. What three-dimensional, 3D, display, projection, laser, etc. can be combined together. According to Chang Zhigang teacher's argument, from the media building before, and then the entrance, and then into the interior space. So far rarely see the shocking works. A few years ago there are Beijing, Suzhou, the so-called sky, now? As if missing something.

Trend ten, multi-system

If you want to do business, the key system is good. No system fragmentation, obviously not suitable for business. LED is very good use of a feature that is easy to systematically control to every bright spot, you can change any wayward. Beijing Water Cube, is a model, enduring.

The trend is not only ten, to ten, there is a perfect meaning. 2017, is worth looking forward to the year, the world is changing, business photos in innovation, let us work together, work hard to create a better lighting.


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