The promotion of LED indoor lighting in Europe

Currently, the US and European markets after the shock of the financial crisis, has shown a warming trend. Where North America and Europe are the major overseas markets lighting products in the country, to the United States, the new president of the energy-saving and environmental protection is very concerned about the US LED lighting market is the rapid rise, on the other hand, the social costs are too high will also make " Made in the USA "is not a competitive advantage. The North American and European markets for the product quality requirements are relatively high, respectively, UL and CE certification requirements, as well as the EU market ROHS certification.

The promotion of LED indoor lighting in Europe

European countries have strong strength in the chip, and is committed to the promotion of indoor LED, but not deep involved in outdoor LED lights, China's LED lights have a wide international market. But to enter the international market, LED lamp technology must be excellent.

In addition, LED decorative lights on the market, exported to Europe and countries of really bright lighting for many years, a senior believes that this market space is still very large, on the future growth of this business will still be considerable. According to statistics, at present, really bright and the company's products have been sold in the United States and Europe more than 80 countries and regions, Christmas lighting products accounted for 60% of the world lighting market.


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