The rapid development of LED outdoor lighting products

LED lighting products are widely used in our daily lives, including home LED lighting has been gaining in popularity in recent years, showing a robust development momentum. Along with the increasing demands for low-carbon energy, good prospects for the development of outdoor LED lighting.

The rapid development of LED outdoor lighting products

Since 2008, the number of lighting fixtures mainland Chinese city road show rapid development. National Bureau of Statistics released data show that in 2008 - an average increase in the amount of 2011 was 1.39 million. By the end of 2011, the number of Chinese mainland city road lighting lamps reached 19.49 million, the annual compound growth rate of 8.9%. 2014 China LED outdoor functional lighting market reached 14.7 billion yuan, an increase of 22%.

According to in-depth analysis LED outdoor lighting industry, outdoor lighting from individual to enter the industry, through the incandescent lamp, high pressure sodium lamp and the main source of the times, however, these sources have high energy consumption, poor security many defects. With energy saving, environmental protection and safety awareness, LED light source has gradually become a central part of outdoor lighting, and will become the main trend of outdoor lighting source.

2014 annual LED outdoor lighting presents the following three characteristics: the rapid decline in prices, the domestic installed capacity growth is slowing down, the rapid growth of the export market. First, LED technology to further enhance the functionality of heat distress LED outdoor lighting, light, power and other issues have been resolved. Meanwhile, the rapid decline in the upstream chip prices, improved cost-effective LED outdoor functional lighting products; Second, government promotion of functional outdoor LED lighting products to accelerate promotion. Local governments are looking to install LED lights, LED garden lights, etc. to achieve energy savings, while achieving good social benefits. In addition, LED outdoor functional lighting product prices continued to decline, but also because the price of raw materials decreased synchronized, the LED outdoor functional lighting of the gross margin did not significantly reduce the appearance of the situation.

2015, LED lights will remain around 50% compound annual growth rate, by 2015, LED road lighting lamps (mainly street lamps and tunnel lamps) overall penetration will reach 46% in the next two years Added more than 30 million LED lights and tunnel lights. These positive expectations gave LED lights to bring greater development potential.


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