The United States entered into force DLC V4.0

EDT June 1, 2016, DLC officially released the Technical Requirements Table V4.0 version for LED lamps, retrofit kit, lamps and other products.

The United States entered into force DLC V4.0

Compared with the February 19 release of the draft version, slightly lower portion of the light efficiency requirements. The new specification V4.0 compared with V3.0 / V3.1, greatly improving the light efficiency requirements approved products, it is expected to phase out the current QPL hanging net 40% -60% of the product! The entry into force of this specification will further promote the rapid development of the North American commercial lighting industry.

Implementation timetable

Manufacturers can choose to immediately press DLC new technical specification V4.0 submission! For some products are required to V3.0 / 3.1 is designed and tested, DLC for a transitional period, to August 31, 2016 can also press V3.0 / 3.1 to submit, from September 1, 2016 start, All submitted products need to meet V4.0. From September 2016 to December, manufacturers will begin to receive notification does not comply with V4.0 of the DLC sent. Until April 1, 2017, with immediate effect for all new specifications V4.0 does not meet the technical requirements of the product has been removed from all QPL list!

Product Updates

If the report had offered to meet the DLC V4.0 requirements, then the manufacturer is not required to take any action, and its products will be automatically upgraded to V4.0, remain in force after 1 April 2017.

If the reports previously provided can not meet the DLC V4.0 requirements, and manufacturers need to keep their products continue to be listed names, manufacturers need in 2017 before March 1 to submit renewal application. Applications will update normal review schedule for review.

Key changes

DLC has been keeping up with market development and changes in the global lighting industry, technology, and promote the improvement of energy efficiency. The performance update, its main purpose is to increase efficiency, differentiate product differentiation, more efficient use of subsidy incentives. Meanwhile, DLC V4.0 also adds Allowances for Specific products, and encourage everyone to report detailed data TM-30 Rf and Rg.


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