There is room price of LED outdoor lighting

LED lights in China in 2015 is about 23 billion yuan, the size of the market overall market penetration will be more than 45%, a huge market space, the next two years will be more than 30 million new LED street light and tunnel light.In the next five years, will also be LED outdoor lighting outbreak period in our country.

There is room price of LED outdoor lighting

Don't know what you are seeing the above preliminary estimation results, what happens?Let us not to delve into the authenticity of the measured data, but with the rapid development of China's urbanization and the increasing efforts in energy conservation and emissions reduction, future development of the LED street lamp does have a huge potential market.

In addition with the development of the domestic LED lighting industry for many years, LED energy-saving products quality into a new stage.In 2015 the government work report, signal strong support environmental protection and energy saving products, LED outdoor lighting to become the main force of energy-saving reform is also the fact that does not dispute.Even so, in the face of considerable market, need 2016 outdoor lighting practitioners pay more efforts.

According to industry growth is expected in 2015 will reach more than 45%, but this may not be so optimistic.The prospect of LED lighting, the next three to five years or to the favorable direction.It is estimated that by 2019 the industry can probably achieve the growth rate of 18%.From 2014 to 2014, it is the best time and most cruel, after three years of this, replace the market will gradually go down.Three years later, when the industrial development to the top, will gradually slow down or stagnant.

Although the current market supply exceeds demand, competition is brutal, LED prices fall sharply and there is room price next year, but the LED lighting in the future still have plenty of space to grow up, the space is left to the last of the strong, able to survive, expected next year, is still the industrial period, and through the pain of the enterprise will be expected to taste the cake.


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