Three major lighting festivals in China take turns

In 2023, with the arrival of the post-epidemic era, light festivals and light shows across the country and even around the world will usher in countless breakthroughs and innovations in the display of works, and will be staged in new looks and forms, allowing people to feel the impact of light art. Endless charm.

Three major lighting festivals in China take turns

Among them, the 12th Guangzhou International Light Festival 2023 will open on November 21. A total of 25 sets of light and shadow art works, combined with AR visual technology, will show Guangzhou’s gorgeous city night view and cultural charm; the 2023 Beijing Chaoyang International Light Festival will be held on November 21. Officially opened on March 18, Liangma River, Aosen Park, Chaoyang Park, Sanlitun and other areas staged super shocking and dreamy light shows.

In addition, the 2023 Hangzhou Qianjiang New Town Light Show has also attracted much attention. It uses light and shadow as the pen, the river as the volume, and culture as the soul to create five major features: "playful riverside, flowing light screen, phantom fountain, secret tree array, and smart shallow pool" The themed light show lights up the night sky with fun and dreamy colors. The light show images and the river complement each other, depicting the dazzling stars, and fully interpreting the new year's atmosphere.


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