Two medical institutions in Leshan use LED lamps to save energy and reduce carbon

Recently, this website learned from the Leshan Municipal Bureau of Government Affairs that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the per capita comprehensive energy consumption of public institutions in the city decreased by 13.61%, the energy consumption per unit building area decreased by 16.19%, and the per capita water consumption decreased by 10.86%. Walk in the forefront of the province. Leshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital has successfully created a national-level "energy efficiency leader", and Leshan City People's Hospital has been rated as a national-level energy-saving public institution demonstration unit.

Two medical institutions in Leshan use LED lamps to save energy and reduce carbon

In the carbon peaking and carbon neutralization actions, public institutions are not only important energy consumers, but also lead the whole society in green and low-carbon production, according to Li Jing, vice president of Leshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital. When the hospital built the new campus in 2017, it has built more than 10 energy-saving systems, such as solar street lamp energy saving, hospital energy consumption monitoring, sub-measurement of large medical equipment, and central hot water circulation supply.

At the same time, environmental protection requirements are fully considered in various energy-consuming equipment in the hospital. For example, the exterior walls of hospital buildings are uniformly insulated with integrated boards, and hollow light-transmitting glass is installed in the rooms to make full use of natural lighting; an energy-efficiency central air-conditioning system with an energy efficiency level of 1 is used, and each ward is equipped with a control device; The combination of high-efficiency lighting LED lamps in public areas, the latest XED energy-saving street lamps for outdoor lighting and solar energy technology is used. Solar energy supports outdoor lighting for 50% of the time. The LED power saving rate is more than 60%, and the overall power saving reaches more than 70%. An important window for lifestyle transformation. How medical institutions actively participate and make achievements is the focus of public attention.


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