What are the advantages of maize grown with LED plant growth lamps

Corn is one of the world's most important food, and now about one-third of the world's population to corn as the main food, including Asian food composition accounted for 50% of corn, more than 90%, Africa accounted for 25% , Latin America accounted for 40%.

What are the advantages of maize grown with LED plant growth lamps

The protein content of corn is higher than that of rice, and the fat content is higher than that of flour, rice and millet, which is higher than that of flour, rice and sorghum, but the disadvantage is that the grain is large, the taste is poor, the sticky school is in the lower living area, corn is the important food.

In the city and the more developed areas, corn is an indispensable food to adjust the taste. With the development of corn processing industry, the quality of corn is improved, new corn foods such as corn flakes, cornmeal, corn slag, special corn flour, instant corn and so on, and can be further made noodles, bread, biscuits And so on in the domestic and foreign markets are very popular.

The US Department of Agriculture has recently published an incubation study that uses LED to irradiate maize and observe its impact on its growth.

US corn production accounts for about 40% of global output, exports are more than half of the world's long-term food market.

Earlier, the US Department of Agriculture in the use of high pressure sodium lighting in the greenhouse to improve the yield of hybrid maize research. However, given the many advantages of LED lighting, such as custom spectral power distribution, will not produce heat problems (high pressure sodium light generated by the heat will lead to pollen mature too fast), the US Department of Agriculture decided to start a new round of research.

According to the botanist Jake Holley, the test has now received a number of preliminary results, such as in the blue light, the corn three days early flowering, and in the red light, the growth of corn rhizomes faster, while the body Also more stout.


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