World LED street lamp development potential is huge

In recent years, China's LED street market penetration rate (installed) in the rising, in 2011 more than 7% in 2012 to 11%, 2013 LED street lamp market penetration rate of about 19%. According to preliminary estimates, by 2015 China LED street lamp market size of about 23 billion yuan; China's LED road lighting products, the overall market penetration will exceed 45%, the market space is huge.

In the "eighteen", due to the promotion of new urbanization, urban lighting project in the country everywhere blossom. And outdoor lighting is also gradually from the functional role to the decorative role of conversion. Outdoor lighting not only play the role of lighting, but also played a beautification of the urban landscape.

World LED street lamp development potential is huge

Development Status and Trend Analysis of LED Street Light

In the outdoor lighting, the development potential of the largest street. According to the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance Production Research Department statistics, in 2012, China's LED lights in the amount of about 500 million, an increase of 44.09% over the previous year, accounting for 14% of the overall consumption of street lamps. 2013, LED street lamp domestic market penetration rate is reached more than 15%, as China's LED lighting to promote the use of the most representative of the lamps.

Industry experts said that by 2015, LED lights will remain about 50% compound annual growth rate, and by 2015, LED lighting in the field of road lighting (mainly street lamps and tunnel lights) the overall penetration rate will reach 46% The next two years will add more than 30 million LED lights and tunnel lights. These are expected to give LED lights to bring greater development potential.

Emerging market dress up tide

In the emerging markets such as India, Russia, Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia) and Australia, LED outdoor lighting related policies and facelift projects are increasingly valued. In addition, Australia, Argentina, Colombia and India's major cities have opened LED street lamp installation project.

Development Status and Trend Analysis of LED Street Light

To the North American market, as of the end of 2013, the United States a total of more than 600 cities have been or are planning to install LED lights, New York City has been planned in 2017 to replace the city's 250,000 street lamps. In addition, most provinces and cities in Canada are also active in LED street light dress up plan or carry out facelift incentive plan.

European lighting market is not much better. European LED lights for the price sensitivity relative to other regions to the low, but the quality requirements are quite harsh.

The Japanese government is more long-term goal of the 2020 Olympic Games related to lighting engineering and infrastructure, has been able to see the relevant construction industry has been officially started, plans to import LED lighting and OLED lighting in this project to attract international attention. In addition, the signing of the International Mercury Convention will also bring new business opportunities for LED lighting.


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