Wuqiao night lighting completed debugging

"Cable" as "string" and "light" as "rhyme", let light and shadow touch the night of Jinling, interpret the beautiful story of a city and a river, and sing the beautiful future of the ancient capital. The night scene lighting of the Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge uses an intelligent control system to show the night scene of "Jiangfeng Fuqin, Jinling Singing Night" with great regional cultural characteristics. Yesterday, the Nanjing City Pipeline Lighting Management Office announced that the night scene lighting system was officially commissioned.

Wuqiao night lighting completed debugging

As the sun sets, the sky is getting darker, and the night lighting system on the Nanjing Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge lights up at 5 pm. The sky is getting darker and darker, and the lighting visual effects are getting more and more shocking. The radiant pylons and the bridge deck complement each other, like a long colorful dragon lying on the river surface, blending with the night view of the city, incomparably graceful. Looking closely, there are several scenes of changing lights.

According to Chen Quan, director of the Design Center of Nanjing Streetlight Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., according to the design, the lighting display is divided into 4 interpretation scenes, showing Nanjing from the four aspects of social style, natural scenery, historical humanities, and modern achievements. The "Golden Mountains and Silver Mountains, Green Waters and Green Mountains" chapter takes the construction of ecological civilization as the theme, and conveys to the citizens that good ecology is the welfare of the people's livelihood through the change of lights; "The moon is bright and the waves are clear, the strings move with the wind" chapter, blue The bright lights are shining, showing the charming night of the bright moon and the surging water of the Yangtze River; the chapter "Jiangfeng plays the piano, Jinling sings the night" chapter uses white moving lights, fast or slow, or passionate or melodious, bridges become The strings plucked by the Jiang Feng play a graceful movement of light; the chapter "Splendid China, Charm and Health", with radiant light effects, sings the great motherland with brilliant and magnificent lights, showing the variety of ancient capital Nanjing Colorful.

"The brilliant and dynamic LED lighting strengthens the shape of the tower and the unique structural design, strengthens the landmark of the bridge in the city, and improves the overall recognition of the bridge. Moreover, the intelligent control system is used to show more regional cultural characteristics. The theme night scene of'Jiangfeng Fuqin, Jinling Sings Evening'." Chen Quan told reporters that the rhythm of the flashing lights was derived from the music score of "Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye".

The night scene lighting project was jointly designed by Nanjing Streetlight Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, and was finally implemented. Hu Hong, the engineering department manager of the company, told reporters: “The main bridge of the Jiangxinzhou Yangtze River Bridge is a central double-cable plane, three-tower double A cable-stayed bridge with composite beams and across the main channel of the Yangtze River. On the one hand, this night scene lighting project needs to achieve a good lighting effect, on the other hand, it needs to fully ensure traffic safety. In addition to avoiding improper installation of lamps and lanterns, it will cause glare to traffic and pedestrians. Interference, it is necessary to consider the impact of night navigation safety of ships in the water area to prevent safety accidents. For this reason, according to the new lamp installation plan, we use as few lamps as possible and install them far away from the stay cables to "relay" The way to brighten the outer stay cable, achieve the effect of contouring the cable with uniform brightness." It is reported that in order to ensure the design effect is highly restored, the project team first adopted the industry-leading simulation calculation software to simulate the actual situation in a virtual environment. Lighting effects, determine the appropriate installation location and guide the specific implementation of the luminaire selection program.


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