Xinjiang Tumushuke City builds LED forage factory

There is a smart pasture factory hidden in the Yonganba Street Industrial Park of Tumushuke City, the Third Division of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Unlike traditional pasture cultivation, the pasture here is not planted in water or soil, but grows in the air, forever young.

Xinjiang Tumushuke City builds LED forage factory

According to reports, the smart forage factory will start construction in Tumushuk City, the Third Division, at the end of August 2022. It will adopt a fully intelligent plant factory model, including an intelligent seedling system, an intelligent photobiological system, an intelligent environment system, a digital soil system, a vertical cultivation systems, robotic harvesting, automatic feed production systems, etc.

On August 29, the reporter saw at Xinjiang Guonong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. that the staff were busy sowing seeds in the seedling area. Many seeds sown in advance had broken out and sprouted. 80,000 plants could be grown in a small box room at one time. After 15-20 days of growth, the grass seedlings can be transplanted to the vertical ecological planting area for fully automated growth and cultivation.

Walking into the planting area, under the bright LED light source, rows of grass are growing happily on the five-story vertical planting rack. Different from the traditional planting method, these grasses are planted on aerosol planting boxes. According to the type and growth of the grass, According to the different needs for nutrient absorption at different stages, the nutrients required by the pasture are elementalized, nanosized, and aerosolized, and various indicators such as water content and oxygen content are precisely controlled, and the water saving rate reaches 95%.

The planting area is equipped with various sensors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, and CO2 concentration, which can monitor various planting data in real time. The entire factory is three-dimensionally cultivated, and the planting efficiency per unit area is improved several times.

Shi Guoliang, a staff member of Xinjiang Guonong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced that the planting area is about 6,000 square meters, with a 5-layer three-dimensional planting frame, and the annual output of fresh high-quality high-protein forage (protein content is 32.2%) is about 3,000 tons, which is estimated from the protein amount. The output of 3,700 acres of pasture in my country.

Looking through the glass wall in the planting area, the big data intelligent management platform that occupies the entire wall is displaying various data of the forage factory in real time. This is the central data control room of the forage factory.

Shi Guoliang introduced that the big data intelligent management platform serves as the brain of the smart forage factory. It receives plant growth data uploaded by the vertical ecological planting system, digital soil system, photobiological system, crop environment control system, and robot system, stores and displays the forage factory all data in real time.

According to the growth habits of different crops, match the optimal environmental conditions required for their growth in a controlled environment, provide accurate, convenient and timely information and control for factory production, tap the maximum biological yield of forage growth, and save a lot of money, time and labor costs.

In order to solve the problems of shortage of winter and spring fodder in the breeding industry in southern Xinjiang and difficulty in storing fresh forage, Xinjiang Guonong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. extended the forage industry chain and value chain, mixing fresh forage, cotton, corn and other crop straws, through anaerobic fermentation and processing into polypeptide protein biological feed with a crude protein content of more than 16%.

Shi Guoliang said that after the project is completed and put into operation, it can produce 8,000 tons of biological feed annually, with an output value of more than 25 million yuan, and can replace imported feed proteins such as soybean meal.


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