Yannuofei lights up China International Trade Center

Global Lighting Leader Signify recently announced that its Philips Color Kinetics, PCK for short, has successfully lit the B Tower of China International Trade Center Building in Beijing. The lighting effect of Block B and Commercial Podium of the International Trade Building is exquisite and restrained, naturally Into the night scene of Beijing.

Yannuofei lights up China International Trade Center

The China International Trade Center is the core area of the Beijing Central Business District (CBD) and the benchmark for the nation's 5A office buildings. Therefore, the lighting project of Block B of Beijing International Trade Building was designed by Mr. Smoked, a well-known LPA designer with more than 700 pieces of global lighting. The building is designed with direct light to showcase the unique texture and layering of the bamboo-like fa?ade of the China World Trade Center. With a combination of different dynamic images, this 300-meter tall building adjacent to the East Third Ring will become even more For the agility.

At the same time, to minimize the impact of the luminaire on the appearance of the building, the lighting service team has been involved in the initial construction of the building. After several rounds of discussions and research with the architects, it was decided to reserve on the fa?ade structure of the building. The cavity structure is installed in the cavity to realize the lighting effect of "seeing the light without seeing the light." To maximize the realization of the design concept, the project was constructed and installed by professional lighting construction company Beijing Furuncheng Lighting System Engineering Co., Ltd.

The compact Philips CK Flex point light flexible light string can be completely hidden in the water droplet structure of the curtain wall wing, and the impact on the appearance of the building is almost zero. The well-designed mounting node, whether it is the angle of illumination or the installation location, perfectly fits the structure of the building's curtain wall, even if it does not cause glare interference to the internal office area at night.

During the overall deployment process, the tower's tower body used a total of nearly 400,000 white LED point light sources, which were uniformly controlled by the background algorithm to create a giant canvas with four sides continuous, while the tower crown was powered by Philips CK ColorReach LED. The light is on. Commercial podiums and other essential areas have also used Zenofei's lighting products to provide linked LED lighting solutions for the ITC complex.

The lighting project of Block B of China World Trade Center has also innovatively introduced lighting content suppliers. The content suppliers from Japan will communicate with the design side of the design concept, and integrate the owner's ideas and the architectural features of Tower B of the International Trade Building to create exclusive lighting effects and linkages for the building. Changes have helped the building to present more diverse and customized lighting content. Thanks to the powerful map layout function and flexible commissioning software of the Philips CK VSM video control system, the building's lighting renderings are consistent with the video content provided by the content provider.


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