Youth Olympic center with new dynamic LED lighting technology

Nanjing Youth Olympic Center twin towers and the podium project is a key project in Nanjing, is the Hexi area landmark. Every major holiday night, twin towers and the facade will start lighting, showing a unique lighting effect. Fang Jian construction of three Youth Olympic twin towers total workers Yang Jian introduced, with twin towers project covering 13,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 287,000 square meters. Outer walls there are 700,000 light source, a light source is an LED.

Youth Olympic center with new dynamic LED lighting technology

It is reported that, according to the traditional method of installation, each point source need an ID address and a power cord, the point light source requires the network cable and power cable 700 000pcs each, the amount of wiring and more influence facade appearance double tower project is using a new wiring system, the ID address and power together, a significant reduction in wiring, and the wiring can be well hidden, every 15 layers have a room equipment in the equipment room is equipped with the appropriate PDS ultimately controlled by a computer to master control room of PDS. The new cabling system in Jiangsu Province is the first use. Light is also provided according to season seasons four types of dynamic effects.


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