6 inch LED Downlight

6 inch LED Downlight

The 6″ surface mount LED downlight delivers a superior LED alternative that’s up to 80% more energy efficient than recessed downlight retrofits.

Designed to convert 6″ recessed cans to a high performance LED luminaire almost as simply as installing a new bulb. Glimpse™ 6″ LED lights provide beautiful light output that lasts up to 25 times longer than the incandescent sources they replace.

The innovative, low profile of the 6″ Glimpse™ blends seamlessly into its environment to mimic the form of traditional recessed downlights without the associated high energy or maintenance costs.

6 inch LED Downlight  Features:

Available in 2700, 3000, 4000K
Dimmable down to 5%
Designed for a 50,000 hour life
75 Watt Equivalent – Consumes as little as 11 watts
Uses 70% less material in design than a standard downlighting system
Up to 80% more efficient than comparable HID systems with similar performance
5-year limited warranty
Energy Star qualified