A simple understanding of the quality of LED driver

After so many years of experience and contacts with lighting manufacturers, I feel that the lighting manufacturers often do not know how to distinguish good quality driver instead of not willing to buy good quality driver. What’s more, they are also more worried about whether they have spent much money to buy low quality driver. Then how to distinguish the quality of LED driver? We do recognize from the following aspects:

 First, the driver chip — IC

The core of driver is IC, thus the quality of IC determines the quality of driver. Manufacturers of driver IC are looking to buy Crystal Park large packaging factory to package; relatively small factory driver IC technology is a direct copy of the drive manufacturers design packaging factory to find a small package, can not properly protect the entire batch of IC consistency and stability, resulting in the use of drive power failure after a period of time somehow. So IC LED on the power supply, refuse polished to lighting manufacturers to understand the driving IC solutions and accounting costs, so purchasing power products at reasonable prices.

A simple understanding of the quality of LED driver

  Second, the transformer

Power supply control chip can be regarded as the brain center, but the one decides power and temperature resistance, etc. is transformer. Quality of magnetic core is the core of the transformer, but it is difficult to identify as porcelain in general. Easy to distinguish appearance: appear crispy, dense, bright, while the back of the sanding holes for the top grade. Currently the core meaning Heino used to mold the PC44 core to protect high-efficiency power supply.

  Third, electrolytic capacitors and SMD ceramic capacitors

We may all know the input electrolytic capacitor quality and longevity requirements and we all take very seriously. However, we tend to overlook the quality requirement of the output capacitance. In fact, the output capacitor life has a great impact on the power of life. The output frequency of 60,000 times per second will lead to the parasitic capacitance due to increased heat resistance, a similar scale substance finally electrolyte temperature, the slurry explosive. Recommended output electrolytic capacitors are LED special electrolysis, generally beginning with L models.