Analysis LED home lighting

Global LED market professional market research firm released the latest report that in the year of 2012-2014, with all regions incandescent disable gradual fermentation efficiency, LED lamps began to enter the home lighting market. Because the luminous efficiency LED lamps and pricAnalysis LED home lightinges shut down, consumer acceptance gradually enhanced, LED lighting penetration rate increases. In 2012, LED home lighting market in Japan is still the largest, followed by Europe and North America. However, the proportion of China is improving year by year, until 2013, home lighting market in China will reach 5,941 million dollars, of which LED home lighting market will reach 814 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 24 % of the world.


Other regions such as Europe, America, Japan, Taiwan and the emerging markets, policy standards and manufacturers have launched an aggressive product and pricing strategies are rapidly pushing LED home lighting market. Sales of new homes in North America LED home lighting market benefit from rising, and LED bulbs retail price sweet spot advent of home lighting fixtures plus specifications such as Energy Star standards are driving the market toward standardization development. Tier vendors spotted the North American market opportunities, Cree, GE, Philips and other manufacturers have introduced new high-performance low-cost or market share.

Future Lighting is controllable, dimmable interior, which is the future trend; interior lighting will get a lot of promotion, including building automation lighting, LED color categories, display systems. Now large intelligent buildings are relatively high, because of the LED controllability characteristics, so it can be controlled area network, in order to achieve energy savings and lighting.