Apple Watch: LED visible light to detect heart rate

2015 spring conference, Apple released the latest Apple Watch, this product is not only the use of advanced technology, and the emitted light to detect your heart rate with LED lights, allowing you to understand your own body!

Apple Watch: LED visible light to detect heart rate

Apple Watch unlike any previous Apple product. Therefore, based on Apple watch worn on the wrist and small features, and create a new selection, browse and input methods, and finally to Apple Watch is not only unique, but also very Apple style.

Apple Watch Taptic Engine internal man called to do a small device, which is a linear actuator is used to generate tactile feedback. In layman’s terms, that is, when you receive an alert, notification, or press the screen, it will touch your wrist, we call this Touch called Tap. At the same time, specially designed speaker driver releases the subtle audio signals, together with Taptic Engine interact with your senses and bring a meticulous and delicate experience. It allows you to find some new and intimate way with other Apple Watch users to communicate, such as quietly send a Tap, as a greeting, and even more intimate message passed to the other side, such as your heartbeat.

  LED light to detect your heart rate

Wrist is an easy physical activity data collection site, and the day is close accompanied Apple Watch this task born performer. Ceramic table in the back of the cover, there is a special sensor in a protective sapphire crystal lens, when you exercise or open heart Glance, it with infrared and visible light and LED light sensor to detect your heart rate. As a result, Apple Watch can fully show your daily exercise and movement, the movement for your individual goals and rewards when you met.