Buying factors of LED lighting products analysis

LED lighting as an important branch of the lighting industry, because of its higher price than conventional lighting it is currently the main market is still focused on government procurement, particularly the countries continue to strengthen the energy saving policy, the Government of LED lights, LED tunnel lights, traffic track, Landscape construction and other infrastructure needs of energy-efficient lighting procurement increased year by year. Although there are many LED companies began to get involved in LED indoor lighting, but the main consumer market, the primary market of government procurement has not changed, it is more likely semiconductor lighting industrial marketing, the brand promotion is also the marketing of industrial goods the Lord.

Buying factors of LED lighting products analysis

1, The purchase of professional

Customers purchasing LED lighting products, technical indicators, specifications, application, etc. have high requirements, usually through professional knowledge and experienced procurement staff to complete full-time, large turnover, a very important product will convene engineering, Technical Department, the Finance Ministry and the business leaders and other components procurement group, shared decision-making.

2. The purchase purpose

LED lighting products customers purchase the purpose is very strong, product procurement cycle, procurement plans have strict quantity, relevance, the purpose is very strong.

3, Intellectual property of purchase

Customers buy LED lighting products will be carefully understand vendor strength; the quality of the product, category, technical parameters, price, service and supply cycle; model demonstration application projects. They tend to compare the product quality, price and brand. After a lot of comparison, screening, before making a decision after weighing.

4, Personal nature of purchase

Purchasing decisions because people tend to participate in more than one, each person has their own background knowledge, personality traits, life background, so each person’s purchase request will be biased, have their own buy “personality”, so suppliers We should learn to grasp the personality characteristics of customers, take the appropriate public relations strategy.