Chinese enterprises entry LED automotive lighting

LED lights with low power consumption, long life advantages. Power consumption is only equivalent to the traditional 1/10, and daytime running lights, LED energy consumption is only halogen 1/20, LED lamp life of up to 10 years.

Chinese enterprises entry LED automotive lighting

In addition, LED has a small size, easy to shape design of this great advantage to the car manufacturers in the automotive exterior design left a broad space to break the constraints of the past lighting system on the shape of innovation to meet the needs of the appearance of the car, which gives LED lamp industry has brought a huge market.

Can be predicted in the next few years, China’s auto parts and after-sales service market demand will increase significantly, while the automotive lighting market, there is a huge potential for development.

In the autumn of 2016 Canton Fair, Crystal Electronics heavy launch vehicle LED products. This is the first time in recent years, Crystal Electronics at the show launched the lamp products.

For LED automotive lighting factory, the competition has always been international, and LED high power LED chip is the core component of automotive lighting, but also the soft underbelly of the domestic chip industry. Since 2010, Crystal Electronics with unique flip-chip high-voltage HV-LED module several times to obtain state-level technological innovation award, which are for this year’s entry-level LED automotive lighting market started outpost.