CLP Actively Participates in Taiwan Government LED Lighting Purchase Project

It is reported that the Taiwanese company CLP has stated that it has applied for energy labels for 38 kinds of LED lighting products in preparation for bidding for government procurement projects.

CLP Actively Participates in Taiwan Government LED Lighting Purchase Project

The Taiwan government allocated 5,712 million Taiwan dollars (195 million U.S. dollars) for the promotion of energy-saving projects in 2018-2020 by subsidizing local government procurement of energy-efficient lighting products, air-conditioning systems and other types of equipment. Industry sources pointed out that LED lighting procurement subsidies are expected to account for 50-60% of the budget.

Sources said that although local governments have not yet announced the standards for LED lighting procurement projects, many of them are expected to have Energy Label requirements. The energy label is an energy efficiency approval by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The key criterion for obtaining this energy label is that LED lighting products need to pass 3000 hours of testing.

CLP stated that since the energy-efficient LED lighting products purchased by the private sector are also used for office, commercial, and parking spaces, it also enjoys a government subsidy of up to 30%. CLP will provide office LED lamps, which consumes less power than T5 fluorescent lamps and The LED lights in the parking lot are 54% lower.

In addition, microwave sensors are used to detect moving vehicles and pedestrians. If no vehicles or pedestrians are detected, such LED lamps can automatically reduce the lighting to save energy.