Common sense of buying LED spot lighting products

The color temperature of the interior lighting can be divided into three groups: 1. Less than 3300K, which is also defined as Warm White. This soft light can make people a warm and comfort feeling, typically used in living rooms, bedrooms, wards, bars and restaurants. 2. 3300K-5300K, Natural White. This light is quite closed to the sunlight and has the highest CRI, suitable for working places and labs, like offices, classrooms, libraries, consulting rooms, laboratories, processing workshops, etc. 3. Larger than 5300K, Cool White. This color can provide the brightest light compared with the other two colors, mostly used in hot processing workshops and high illuminating places.


The color temperature of the interior lighting can be divided into three groups: 1. Less than 3300K, which is also defined as Warm White.


Usually LED spot lighting products are used as interior lighting devices. Thus their color temperature choices are concentrated on 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5700K. The “GB50034-2004 architectural lighting design standards” explicitly indicated that the CRI of lamps used in long-used working rooms/places should more than 80. In industrial construction sites with a light fixture mounting height more than 6m, CRI can be less than 80.


During the purchase of LED spot lighting products, costumers should carefully read the instructions and packing information provided by manufacturers, checking the input voltage and related production parameters. These parameters included luminous flux, color temperature, power consumption, CRI (color rendering index) and beam angle. This first thing need to be noticed is whether the LED spotlight can work under AC directly or need a transformer. Normally, LED spot lighting products have four bases: E27, E14, GU10 and MR16, in which MR16 based lights should work under DC (normally 12V). Secondly, customer need to check the light head and beam angle, comparing with their own requests. In the last step, customers need to choose suitable color temperature, CRI according to the “GB50034-2004 architectural lighting design standards” to achieve a reasonable lighting effect. If buyers had little or no acknowledge in light fixture’s parameters, they can check the equivalent marks on wraps. There will be some general estimation of what Watt traditional lamps can be replaced by this LED lighting products.


As for MR16 spotlights, which are usually equipped with an electronic transformer or frequency transformer, customers need to make sure the compatibility of them before purchasing the light. The incompatibility will cause flickers. As for spotlights with SCR dimming function, customers need to consider the compatibility between dimmer and lamps.