Customer demand prompted led high bay lamp evolving

Led high bay lamp module on the market at the beginning, ENELTEC photoelectric Square branch only a product of high bay lamps, although compared to traditional metal halide light source has a longer life, more energy, more environmental protection and other advantages, but because many customers low awareness of new products, market development is still difficult. How to break this dilemma, so that more customers accepted recognition led high bay lamp module? “One customer, can be square led high bay lamp module is designed to circle the traditional high bay lamps look like?” ENELTEC sales engineer after learning of this situation, immediate feedback to the company. After discussion, it was agreed that, led high bay lamp using traditional high bay lamps look more likely to be accepted by customers. By the end of 2013, led high bay lamp module circular officially entered the development stage, a product available, has been recognized by more customers.

Customer demand prompted led high bay lamp evolving

Innovation is the driving force behind the survival of enterprises, from the first light ENELTEC led high bay lamp module advent start, ENELTEC people in product innovation has never stopped. After the market for some time, ENELTEC photoelectric also found a problem, because the plant design, the use of different environments, led high bay lamp single installation mode has been overshadowed by a lot of sales staff when conducting marketing varying degrees encountered such problems .

For this reason, ENELTEC photoelectric researchers began to make efforts in product design, product design, and according to a lifting rings, lifting hooks, screw connection installation and other installation mode. “We can say now ENELTEC led high bay lamp modules to meet the indoor and outdoor use and any other environment.” Variety of mounting solutions for the sales staff to provide a strong backing of market development.

With the continuous expansion of product markets, ENELTEC photoelectric turn sights on traditional chemical companies, chemical companies to successfully enter the market, it is necessary to understand the market demand. After a period of market research, staff ENELTEC photoelectric company found that the use of high bay lamps in these enterprises should not only take into account the lamps waterproof, dustproof and other issues, but also to pay attention to anti-acid alkali corrosion, in order to better extend product life. After development, the company has successfully resolved led high bay lamp anti-acid alkali corrosion problems within the traditional chemical production plant and improve the standard of waterproof and dustproof to ip65 this international standard.

“Experiments show that the traditional high bay lamps need to be replaced up to six months in harsh production environment, aluminum and other chemical companies, otherwise it is prone to the lights off and so on. But we led high bay lamp module can be used a minimum of 3 to 5 years, greatly reduce the company’s maintenance and replacement costs. “ENELTEC photoelectric Branch Vice President told reporters.