display led in high level market

In the past few years, the surge in demand for LED large screen, resulting in a variety of small factories mushrooming growth of the instant each say their own good, customers difficile better or for worse, but mostly price-oriented. But the saying goes buyers as good as sellers fine, in general, refers to how smart buyers to lower prices, to request the seller still difficult savvy seller, so the seller an advantage. The results like five hundred thousand BMW did not buy it bought three hundred thousand Jetta.
LED full color screen, after years of development, at first glance seems to have a mature industry, in fact, whether domestic or foreign manufacturers, is still long way to go, especially the outdoor big screen, most of the products after two years of operation , it is difficult to maintain within the user’s expectations.
Why is it so?

display led in high level market
First, here there is a big misunderstanding, most people think that the main material of the screen LED, IC life are up to 100,000 hours, 365 days / year, 24 hours / day operation, service life more than 11 years, so most customers only care about with a well-known LED High Bay and IC. In fact, these two just a necessary condition, but not a sufficient condition, because of the red, green, blue three rational use of the lamp, the screen is more important for the lamps of different colors to make it work in the best condition for a good display will be more important. Reasonable adjustment of the IC, and also help to overcome the problem of the PCB unreasonable wiring. If a car with a good engine and circuit control, not necessarily be able to become a good car. The key factor there is this:
display led , IC are semiconductor devices, they require the use conditions of the environment picky, the best around at a room temperature of 25 ℃, the best working mechanism. But the fact is a large outdoor screen will be applied in different temperatures, summer may be in for more than 60 ℃, winter may be less than -20 ℃. When manufacturers to produce products based on 25 ℃ for test conditions, different file classification, the the fact running conditions of 60 ℃ or -20 ° C, when the LED, IC efficiency and performance is inconsistent, a file may originally belonging becomes more files, brightness inconsistent screen body also natural variability spent the. This is because under different temperature conditions, the red, green, and blue three lamp brightness decay and fall is different, at 25 ℃, the white balance is normal, but at 60 ℃, three-color display led brightness has decreased, and attenuation values ​​inconsistent, it will produce the entire screen brightness down and cast the phenomenon, will decline in the quality of the entire screen. The IC it? IC’s operating temperature range is -40 ° C to -85 ° C. As the outside temperature is too high and lead to the cabinets temperature rises, if the inside temperature exceeds 85 ° C, the IC because the temperature is too high will lead to job insecurity, or temperature drift different channel between the difference between the current or the piece is too large cause Huaping.
At the same time, the power supply display led  is also very important power under different temperature conditions, the stability of their work, the output voltage value and with a load capacity will vary, because it is responsible for logistical role, its ability to protect the direct impact to the the quality of the screen.