Energy saving , LED car lights becoming the best choices

According to the Ministry of Planning , at the end of 2015, automotive lighting carbon dioxide emission reduction targets need to be completed . Since LED lights are cold light source with low power consumption, long life advantages , power consumption is only equivalent to a traditional lamp 1/ 10 , better fuel savings . It is reported that if the energy-saving lamps to everyday analogy , energy saving than incandescent lamps 4/5, but also energy- saving lamp LED than 1 /4. In the car , the same daytime running lights, LED energy halogen element is only 1/20 .

Energy saving , LED car lights becoming the best choices

LED lights as well as high brightness , high temperature , small size, high stability, no radiation and other advantages, is recognized as the “green light .” Future LED will be more car manufacturers of all ages , in automotive applications also will be more extensive , LED automotive lighting market with a bright future .

The LED is lit only microsecond for use in taillights and turn signal lights on to rapidly achieve a better warning effect , with the front headlights , xenon lamps and halogen headlamps compared with a higher response speed for traffic safety with better protection .

LED compact fully meet the varied needs of automobile manufacturers in the design evolution , breaking past innovative lighting system for modeling constraints , let us have more innovative automotive products.

LED is particularly suitable for automotive exterior lighting. They have a very long life , vibration and impact on the environment is not sensitive. And high efficiency. The output of light-emitting diodes and high power consumption is very low. LED reliability both stylish and efficient futuristic technology , the car playing the spotlight .

Strong power , energy saving, life and super fast response time , LED undisputed represent the future of automotive lighting technology. Xenon and halogen lighting has been used in cars , it is still favored by consumers , will take time to achieve full replacement .