flat circular recessed LED spot light

This flat circular LED recessed spot light in a square frame is sleek and discreet with no jutting edges to align perfectly with your ceiling. Push to tilt the centre circle in the direction where you require the light to be concentrated most.

flat circular recessed LED spot light

Modern essential minimalist interior design lighting.

Premium quality materials with smooth finish.

Dimmable for adjustable light intensity – dimmer switch required.

Advanced and sophisticated light with High-Power LED technology.

Extremely long life-time – 20,000 hours – 20 year life-span.

Warm White high quality light effect. Colour Temperature 2700K.

Maintenance-free, no lamp replacement needed.

Sustainable lighting – saves up to 80% on energy.

Rotates / pivots to direct light in any direction.

Beam angle of 40 degrees.

Typical applications: Kitchen, bedroom, living room.

Type: LED Spot light,LED Ceiling light.

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