Good light of whole house starts with smart Wi-Fi LED

As the leading brand in the lighting industry, Philips released the smart Wi-Fi LED series lighting products this month. This set of systems includes ceiling lamps, downlights, light strips, light bulbs, and table lamps. Basically, the lighting needs of a family can be intelligently controlled using this whole-house lighting solution. The innovatively equipped motion sensor automatically matches the required lights by detecting and sensing consumer actions.

Good light of whole house starts with smart Wi-Fi LED

It is directly connected via Wi-Fi, without a bridge, as long as the WiZ APP can control the lighting of the entire home. You can also use the Tmall Genie, Xiaodu Assistant, and Siri voice control to switch lights, change colors, and so on.

On the WiZ APP, provides four functions: convenient control, schedule, atmosphere creation, and circadian rhythm. Whether it is daily white light and yellow light, or passionate red orange yellow green blue purple, on the phone, up to 16 million colors can be switched at will. The APP itself also provides a variety of dynamic and static light effects such as relaxation mode, romantic mode, and jungle mode. Lazy people and DIY-loving users can automatically or manually adjust the changes in lighting intensity and color temperature.

Each smart Wi-Fi LED lamp can be installed separately, or it can be installed together with other products of the same series, and use the APP to set different lighting schemes.

For example, if you set a wake-up time on the APP, the ceiling lamp and chandelier in the bedroom will gently illuminate the bedroom in the morning. When you are immersed in work, you can set the desk lamp and ceiling lamp to switch the focus mode together, and focus your attention on the workbench. When inviting friends to come to the party, the color-changing light strips and table lamps will add surprise to the party.

The so-called circadian rhythm refers to the change of life activities for around 24 hours. Luminescent bacteria, plant photosynthesis, animal feeding, physical activity, sleep, and awakening are all circadian rhythms. The human body’s physiology, memory, mood, and work efficiency are all affected by the circadian rhythm.

The human body has different needs for light and shade and color temperature at different times of the day. The rhythm function allows the lights in the home to follow your wake-up and bedtimes, and automatically matches the lighting mode required by the human body to keep life regular and healthy.

Through Philips’ healthy lighting formula, enter the circadian clock from morning to night into the APP, then the day’s natural light changes will be automatically planned. When the sleep time is approaching, the bedroom light will be pressed slowly, which is the most comfortable. Under the lighting environment, the owner is prompted to sleep.