How much is LED panel lights

From green lighting design considerations, LED panel light materials, environmental protection, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, lighting, brightness, etc. are superior to Grille, truly lanterns during the day, night lighting. Which is gradually replacing T8 fluorescent light grille. LED panel 10 times longer lifespan than fluorescent lamp. So how much do LED panel lights cost? ENELTEC would introduce you to the price structure of LED panel lights.

LED panel light
 1 bottom borders
LED panel lights and bottom borders use different materials according to their thermal performance, so the prices are different.
 2 LGP and diffuser
The quality of the light guide plate is one of the most important factors of the quality of LED panel lights. The light guide plate can make the LED panel light emitting more uniform. Does not appear dark spots, the water ripples and so on.
 3 lamp beads and chip
Good chip means not only stable, good brightness, light is small, and the color rendering index is much better.
 4 aluminum plate
LED panel lights have four sides into the light aluminum plate, there are two sides into the light aluminum plate .
 5 Power
Power also affect the price of LED panel lights the most important factor. Power is not good, a direct impact on the LED panel lamp life. UL power is good, more stable performance.
 6 Packing
Safe enough for the transportation.
7 Accessories
Materials are foam pads, cotton, tape, wire, terminals.