How to buy led bulbs for homes

Currently, led bulb has entered the home lighting, as it saves energy saving 80% than ordinary incandescent and 50% than ordinary energy-saving lamps, with low-carbon environmental protection (LED’s environmental benefits of better, no ultraviolet spectrum and infrared and recyclable waste, safe touch, no pollution, no mercury elements, belonging to a new era of energy-saving green lighting).

led light for home
led light for home

1. LED bulb price consists of:
LED bulb from the lamp housing, power supply (LED driver), plate or aluminum plate lamp beads, and lamp beads components. There is little change in the price of the first three to 3W bulb, for example, according to different materials, from 5 yuan to 20 yuan per month. LED bulb lamp beads price is the price of the main body, and choose what kind of illumination lamp beads, light decay, long life and energy level are the second. The same is 3W, 500LM brightness of the lamp can be done more, it can be 200LM even less. Light failure can be as small as 0.02% to 0.3% or even greater than 0.3%. Life can be more than 50,000 hours (14 hours a day for 10 years), it can be even less than 5000 hours (mainly light fades badly, brightness is reduced), lamp beads price difference is also a great example to 5050 , low price of 0.3 yuan per stick, high prices (U.S., Japan imported chips) 3 yuan per stick. A 3W bulb price from 10 yuan to 80 yuan, it is the truth.
Optional LED lamps should consider the following factors:
1 Appearance: LED bulb shapes a lot, you can choose at your favorite.
2 Application of space: how much interior space it was, I like a little dark, so you can choose a smaller power LED bulbs. I like a little brighter, and you can choose a bigger power LED bulbs
Generally speaking 40-watt incandescent, 220 volts, the luminous flux is 340 lumens, but 3W LED bulb can do 340 lumens or more. But now the market is generally only 3W LED bulb 240LM, some are not yet reached 240LM. Look at the original lamp power, you can find yourself a suitable LED lights.
3 Warranty: regular manufacturers generally based on standard household electrical appliances-one year warranty.