Japanese lighting manufacturers quietly lift the led production lights capacity of a price war competition

LED production lights capacity competition is oversupply concerns in 2011, Taiwan plant with large international companies competition will be intense. Global LED industry will enter the forces of growth and decline of the transition period.

With the Japan LED lighting industry raising of price competition, usher LED lighting into the take-off year.  South Korea, mainland industry are also menacing, driving regional industrial competition, and promoting Taiwan LED enterprises accelerate lighting applications layout.

Japanese lighting manufacturers quietly lift the led production lights capacity of a price war competition

With the intensity of Market price competition, under the usher of Japan government, including Toshiba, Panasonic and  first-tier manufacturers such as LED bulbs 50/50 cut, Taiwan-based LED industry estimates that with the trend of cost deduction,LED bulbs prices will steadily go down in 2011,  Large-size LCD backlight and LED lighting as a twin-engine in 2011 growth momentum. The LED industry estimates that LED lighting penetration is about 3% compared with 2010, , the 2011 led production lights penetration rate is expected to reach 6 to 10 percent.

We can guess South Korea LED Street Light output will continue to grow with the next two years,  and LED packaging market share is expected to increase to 24-25%. Taiwan LED packaging market share will be in the same position. Compared with the various regions of the world and the module output, Japanese manufacturers market share is about 31%, top to the first grade, while Taiwan and South Korea were up to 2 percent, European and the United States each accounted for about 10%. Among them, South Korea industry market share in 2009 is only about 10%, but it quickly jump to 20 percent within one year. It kept pace with led production lights industry.

Due to the capacity utilization is still low in Korean LED plant, a marked slowdown in the expansion progress from the secondhalf year in 2010. But the Taiwan plant is benefit from the huge demand for TV backlighting in Korea Factory and upgrade to Taiwan LED purchase amount, which promote the growth of LED production capacity. However, mainland China LED High Bay industry is hard to catch up. The upstream MOCVD machine units may be open out a large number in the second half of 2011. The LED production lights industry worries that once South Korea LED plant technology enhanced, mainland industry production capacity can also be heavy growth. 2011 terrorist will set off oversupply of capacity competition, LED marketing will enter price competition. The price declined in fear of more than 30%. Regional industrial competition is heating up.