led bulbs life span

In the the numerous green light applications, LED relative to other light source solutions more energy-efficient, easy to the assembly design a light source technology, which in lighting source applications, high-power white LED compared with the most frequent light-emitting components, butthe white LED luminous efficiency, single power performance has R & D progress actually white LED luminous uniformity, packaging material life still exists, especially in the application of the chip cooling limit is the development of the LED light led bulbs source applications first and foremost must beimprove the problem …

High power white LED used in the day-to-day lighting purposes, in fact, received increasing attention in the green light, has become the first choice of the development of environmentally friendly light source. But in fact the white LED are still many technical bottlenecks to be overcome, there are related improvement program to strengthen the focus on features and performance of white LED luminous uniformity, the life of the packaging material, heat strengthening all aspects of design bottleneck improvement.

led bulbs life span

The green light increased demand for high-power white LED applications led bulbs qualify

LED Panel Light source to be the main cause of all ages, is nothing more than the product of long life, light – high power conversion efficiency, material properties can be fitted in any plane. In the development of the day-to-day lighting source, due to the need to achieve practical lighting needs, the original to indicate that the use of LED lighting applications will not be able to correspond directly from the chip, package, carrier board, production technology and an external circuit must be strengthened, in order to achieve the high power required for lighting purposes, high brightness lighting utility.

Observed on the level of market demand for white LED lighting applications market development, it can be said future higher dosage of the project, but to use utility, white LED lighting applications must focus on functional improvement. One is to strengthen for the LED chip led bulbs, e.g., to increase their optical – electrical conversion efficiency, or to increase the chip area, to allow a single LED light emission amount (flux) reaches its design limit. Second, is a compromise design program, the more difficult to continue to increase the area of monolithic LED chip under the premise switch to multi-chip LED chip is packaged in a light source module, but also the practical technical solutions can be achieved close to the aforementioned method .