LED downlights have huge prospects

Began to be used as a light source LED lighting above , but only a few decades , but it was a big development , at present, many kinds of LED lighting , including LED spotlights , LED downlights , LED bulbs, LED lamp, LED flood light , etc., but one of the most broad prospects for development is LED downlights .

LED downlights have huge prospects

The main advantages and features of LED downlights are the following :

First , LED downlights good starting performance, fast and reliable , only a millisecond response time , to reach full light output .

Second , LED downlights shock-resistant , good weather resistance and long life.

Third , LED downlights can be high maintenance , LED light source can be multiple sets of LED modules , LED downlights can also be set by the multi- cavity LED modules, without disturbing each other , and easy maintenance . Power and light independent design , simply replace part of the problem when there is damage , the individual will not damage normal lighting produced a big impact, without replacing the whole lamp .

Fourth , LED downlights adaptability. LED downlights start time problem does not exist , the power to work immediately , without long waits . Light color is good , close to natural light , quick installation and flexible, adjustable to any angle , versatility, wide range of applications .

Fifth , LED downlights color rendering index higher. GB interval CRI this requirement is Ra = 60, CRI LED light source is generally higher than conventional light sources. Under the current level , LED downlight CRI can reach 70-85 .

LED downlights used in office lighting, home lighting , shopping malls, supermarkets and other places lighting and factory lighting , broad space for development .