LED drive power technology program

Since LED lamp beads are low start semiconductor devices, the basic requirement is the need for the use of low-voltage power supply to match the drive, and requires continuous constant current (current is too high presence of light fades fast, very dark lights on a little longer even burned lights).

Currently there are three LED driver power supply technical solutions:

1, RC Buck: program is simple, small devices, low cost, not constant. The main application 3W LED lamp configurations and below, and the risk of breakdown caused by leakage of light board exists, it requires light body shell structure must be insulated;

LED drive power technology program

2, non-isolated power supply: moderate cost, IC constant current, but there are also dangerous leakage breakdown light board, and therefore also requires structural shell lamp body must be insulated.

3, isolated power supply: high cost, IC constant current, good security.

LED panel light in order to achieve a better light efficiency, the light strings are generally elongated bar structure, so as to protect the LED lamp cooling needs, now more than all-aluminum structure as a chamber and as a heat sink. Non-insulating aluminum lamp body, it must be isolated from the power supply in order to have basic security, but also to provide continuous constant current, to protect the use of long-life lamp beads.