LED explosion proof lights user manual

1 regularly eliminate LED explosion proof lamp housing on the dust and dirt, enhancing lighting efficiency and thermal performance. Cleaning method according to the lamp shell protection, use water spray (light shade on the logo above) or wipe with a damp cloth. During water cleaning, should be cut off the power, non-light with a dry cloth to scrub plastic case (transparent parts), to prevent the generation of static electricity.

LED explosion proof lights user manual

2 Check whether the LED explosion proof lights transparent parts traces the impact of foreign trained, safety net loose, Desoldering, corrosion. If so, should stop using, timely maintenance and replacement.

3 During changing LED light source, the explosion-proof lights should be switched off to avoid leaving the light source and ballasts be damaged.

4 If using in wet environments, the water inside the lamp should be promptly removed, replace the seal components to ensure enclosure performance.

5 While opening LED explosion proof lights shade, they should be switched off according to the user manual.

6. After opening the shade, check if the flameproof joint surface of LED proof lights is intact, whether rubber seals harden or become sticky, wire insulation are greenish and carbonation, insulation and electrical components for deformation and scorch marks. These problems are found, it is timely maintenance and replacement.

7.LED proof lights off cover before the application of a damp (not too wet) wipe light light light and transparent parts back to enhancing lighting effect. In the proof should be combined with surface coated with a thin layer of 204-1 replacement-type anti-rust oil, seal off the cover should pay attention to whether the original position sealing function.

8.The sealed parts of LED proof lamps should not be always removed and open.