led gu10 special base standard

As LED technology continues to mature and costs continue to decrease, LED spotlights have been widely applied to a variety of places. The development and popularization of LED spotlights facing many problems, how to develop a cost-effective LED spotlights, how to solve the heat dissipation problem of high-power, high flux LED spotlight, how to achieve modularity and interchangeability of LED spotlights, how to fully embody the LED Tubes long-life, high luminous efficiency led gu10, controllability characteristics, so that people enjoy the colorful lighting and access to more affordable, more secure and reliable LED products, also requires the joint efforts of the manufacturers and industry professionals.

Maturing security certification

led gu10 special base standard

Mostly refer to the traditional lighting LED spotlights the safety requirements, and based on its own characteristics, and the formation of a set of safety certification standards.

Most of the safety requirements of the current LED Spotlight reference to traditional lighting, and according to the characteristics of the LED lights to form a safety certification standards. Currently, in LED spotlights certification, the international community is mainly to European CE and UL certification in North America-based, voluntary certification (CQC) in China.

CE certification contains LVD and EMC, LVD is executed in accordance with the EN60968 standard (will be upgraded IEC 62.56 thousand); perform EMC according to EN55015, EN61547, EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3 standard. In addition, LED lights are usually also need additional reference to IEC 62471, light biosafety testing. In North America, it is usually required UL safety and FCC EMC certification. UL implementation of standards UL1993, UL8750 and UL1310; FCC implementation of standards for the FCC PART15 Subpart B. In China, LED spotlight is a voluntary certification (CQC), perform standard GB24906-2010 (safety) and GB 17743-2007 (electromagnetic compatibility) led gu10.

In addition, the performance of LED spotlights, there are many other standard requirements. U.S. Energy Star (ENERGY STAR), energy certification requirements (implementation of standards for CQC3129-2010), these requirements are LED Spot color temperature, color rendering index, initial luminous flux, luminous efficiency, lumen maintenance life, the center beam intensity, nominal power, power factor, and product identification provisions.

Life is damaged in many electronic products to be judged, but the LED is a life-long light source, use a long time are not bad. Since the output of the luminous flux attenuation over time, so the industry, generally light decay to 70% of the time required to define the life of the LED light source, which is L70 is. With advances in technology, the LED light fades more and slow to complete test light fades to 70% of the time it is difficult to do. Exponentially due to the life of the electronic product, the LED is usually done shorter aging time by sampling the light decay data led gu10, and then to the exponential function to calculate the light decay to 70% of the time.