LED indoor lighting design needs to pay attention to three aspects

The application of LED in outdoor lighting engineering has been very common, but the application of indoor lighting engineering is in a preliminary stage. This aspect is also because the indoor LED lighting fixtures have too few product types, and the lighting designers have no choice. The promotion of lighting products has created obstacles. Personally believe that the development and promotion of indoor LED lighting products should focus on the following four aspects:

LED indoor lighting design needs to pay attention to three aspects

1. Realize product serialization, integration, and intelligence

Traditional lamps used in indoor lighting can be described as a wide range of names. Downlights, spotlights, grille lights, lanterns, and chandeliers constitute the two major areas of commercial lighting and home lighting, which dominate the indoor lighting, and are currently used in indoor lighting. LED products are mainly decorative lighting fixtures such as LED cup lamps and LED floor tiles. Other common traditional lamps rarely use LED light sources. However, the huge potential of this market is undoubted. With the improvement of LED light efficiency and price reduction. Whoever first developed a series of products, whoever seized the market opportunity.

One of the biggest advantages of LEDs is their ease of control. And can be cluster controlled. In some occasions where programmability is required, LED intelligent products can provide a series of solutions, including three primary colors LED lamps and one microprocessor intelligent LED lamp products. The DMX512 communication protocol can be configured in the ether running online, this provides convenience for the intelligent management of indoor lighting, and can also dilute the disadvantage of the initial high input cost caused by the use of LED lighting.

2, product humanization

Lighting, after undergoing a series of evolutions, is slowly becoming a fashion, humanized lighting products have become the first choice, and LED lighting fixtures are small, unlike traditional light sources with glass bulbs, and light is easy to control In the humanized design of the appearance of the lamp. The LED lamp manufacturer has unlimited space to play.

3. Improve the utilization of luminous flux and minimize the cost of integrated lighting

Although the LED light source is not as efficient as some conventional light sources, the LED light source has high directionality and high availability. Therefore, as long as the optical flux is maximized by reasonable optical processing, the LED can fully achieve the function lighting requirements in terms of illumination.

The illuminance of the 3W LED and the 35W halogen lamp cup was tested under the same conditions. Within 3 meters, the center illumination of the LED light source is much higher than that of the halogen lamp cup. In practical applications, the common illumination range of the lamp cup is 1-3 meters, and the 3W LED lamp illumination effect is obviously better than the 35W halogen lamp, mainly because the halogen lamp cannot use its luminous flux very well.