LED lamps aging test process

LED lamps aging test process

First, the purpose

Standard LED lamp aging test process to reduce the improper operation caused by damage to the lamp, LED lamps to improve the aging test efficiency, to ensure the quality of lamps to prevent the occurrence of security incidents.

Second, the environmental requirements

The temperature is 20 ℃ -35 ℃, the humidity is 55% -95%

Third, the test tool

Aging rack (requiring aging of the DC power supply and AC power supply and power supply grounding)

Fourth, the aging test method

4.1 will be semi-finished or immersion products after the light on the aging frame, according to the product input voltage connected to the corresponding power supply seat.

4.2 Open the switch of the aging test stand, according to the different input voltage to close the corresponding power switch to check whether each lamp has been lit, while ensuring that the lamp in the aging process full power work.

4.3 aging test time for more than 24 hours, the lamp in the aging process, the lamp is not less than the pass, power test, each power 20 seconds, power off 20 seconds, in the aging process every 2 hours to To carry out lighting. (Method is to pick up the lamp by hand in the aging frame jitter or appropriate tapping) aging time lamps can not appear dead lights, dark lights, flashing, color cast and other undesirable phenomena.

4.4 aging according to different lamps according to different procedures for aging, aging is completed, close the aging test stand switch, to be the surface temperature of the lamp down to room temperature, the lamp from the aging test rack removed, placed in the designated location to wait for the next process The

4.5 in the process of aging, such as the above description of the adverse phenomena should immediately stop testing, the defective products removed from the aging rack and do a good job record bad, bad product delivery service department to deal with.

4.6 aging staff every 2 hours to do the aging record table.

4.7 quality department IPCQ every 2 hours inspection of an aging frame, check the aging test is the normal lighting, the aging of the lamps and lanterns to identify the same time, check the aging time of the lamp, the shelf time, the aging records recorded in the inspection On the record sheet, when the abnormal rate of aging exceeds 3%, IPCQ must respond to the situation to the quality supervisor.

4.8 With the control of the lamps, must be installed according to the installation of wiring diagram aging, after-sales staff must cooperate with the production of aging.

5, safe operating matters needing attention

5.1 The aging test should be carried out by the designated personnel, the operation must be done during the safety protection measures.

5.2 AC220V input of the lamp in the aging test when the lighting of the ground must be connected, absolutely no ground line for testing.

5.3 in the testing process must always pay attention to the status of lamps, to be regular inspection by hand.

5.4 on the lower frame to grasp the lamps and lanterns, to prevent the lights fall injured the body.