LED lamps how to distinguish good and bad quality

In the face of many brands, prices vary LED lights, many consumers did not know how to buy, do not know how to identify the quality of the pros and cons. In this regard, the industry summed up four points to buy LED lights need attention, help consumers easily identify.

LED lamps how to distinguish good and bad quality

  See product packaging and labels

Shall be marked with the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and other information, as well as brand names and related certification mark on genuine LED lamp packaging. Better printing quality genuine trademark LED lights on the packaging, legible, easy to fall off, that the use of a soft damp cloth to wipe the trademark is still legible. Label Printing and shoddy products of poor quality, fuzzy fonts, trademarks part of the product can be erased with a damp cloth. In addition, there are some inferior products on the packaging did not trademark printing and related certification mark.

See the appearance of lamps

Genuine LED lamp uses trichromatic lamp and lamp color than white, covered by hand, the color will look whiter. When you purchase, consumers can put on more than just comparing LED lights, lamp shape, size, consistency better product for the mass production of products in general together, most quality assurance. In addition, LED lights depends on the appearance of cracks, loose, and observe whether the interface has been prized, if it indicates that it is inferior products. Genuine LED lights in the installation and removal process does not appear loose, head tilt and so on.

Consumers also can identify the merits of its quality through LED lamp shell material. LED lights use genuine plastic case retardant materials, texture is rough, like frosted glass. Inferior product is used ordinary plastic, smooth and shiny, these materials are easy to deform, flammable characteristics.

  Temperature look at work

In working condition, authentic LED lamp temperature is not too high, you can hand contact. If you purchased the product to heat up significantly at work, then its quality problems. In addition, LED lights flashing lights if there also there is a problem of its quality.