led lighting manufacturers are always choosing

From the past to the present, the past 20 years, the High-tech Zone (Binjiang) passed all the way in such a choice.

Even the “Twelve Five” national strategic emerging industry development plan focusing on the development of the four, seven, twenty-two key strategic emerging industries, it looks to have a clear main direction of development, but it is still a lot of selection. Each choice will determine the future High-tech Zone (Binjiang) ability to continue to run in the nation.

For example, the same is to develop new energy sources, that range is too wide. Nuclear, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, ocean energy, hydrogen energy, etc., What will you choose? If everything is not according to local conditions, all are very terrible. More specificly, it is also the use of solar energy photovoltaic industry, it is not all enterprise who engage in this regard can be supported.

led lighting manufacturers are always choosing

In High-tech Zone (Binjiang), there are many such stories about take and give up. A semiconductor led lighting manufacturers do the pulled single crystal, Ti Laduo crystal. In the original, pulling mono crystalline silicon really is a high-tech, but it is built on the high energy consumption and pollution. Later, the company would like to expand the scale, but the high-tech zones did not give ground.

The Chint in the earliest was doing PV modules, then do the thin-film solar, both are relatively high-tech, now turned to the operation of the power station. They go everywhere to cast the power station, to build power plants, to the operators on the development. The original manufacturing is no longer expanded, part of manufacturing move to the outside, but making orders are at here. High-tech Zone (Binjiang) strong support for this transition,

Another example LED. High-tech Zone (Binjiang) strongly supported Inventronics who are led lighting manufacturers, because their technical content is very high, power technologies are world-class. This kind of enterprise needs money and land from the government because of development, High-tech Zone (Binjiang) are trying to meet.

Similarly, in High-tech Zone (Binjiang), there is also a LED company, who are also more famous. This company just do the lights, the chip is bought, the drive also bought. Although the quality of the light they produce is also fine, the brand is also fine, yet the technical content is not high enough. Its headquarter is located in the High-tech Zone (Binjiang), manufacturing plant moved to the field.