LED lighting products require ESD protection

LED is a semiconductor device is sensitive to static electricity , especially for white, green, blue , purple LED prevent static electricity to do the work and eliminate static electricity .

  1 . Generation of static electricity :

① Friction: In daily life , any two objects of different materials in contact and then separated , to generate static electricity , the most common method of generating static electricity , that is triboelectrification . The better the insulating material , the easier triboelectrification . In addition , any two objects of different substances in contact after separation , but also to generate static electricity.

LED lighting products require ESD protection

② Sensor: For the conductive material, because electrons can flow freely on its surface , as will be placed in an electric field , due to the repulsion opposites attract positive and negative ions will be transferred , will produce a surface charge .

③ Conduction : for a conductive material , the electron energy due to its surface in a free-flowing , as the charged object in contact with the charge transfer occurs .

 2 . LED static electricity hazards :

① Moment due to the heat generated by the electric field or current , the LED local injury , showed a rapid increase in leakage current , still work , but the decrease in brightness , damaged life.

② Damage due to the electric field or current LED insulating layer, so that the device does not work ( completely destroyed ) , the performance of dead lights .

3 ESD protection and elimination measures:

For the whole process ( production, testing, packaging, etc. ) all direct contact with the LED employee must do to prevent and eliminate static measures , mainly

1 , anti-static floor workshop and well grounded .

2 , the table is anti-static workbench , production machines grounded.

3 , the operator wear anti-static clothing, anti-static wrist strap belt , gloves or foot ring .

4 , the application of ion fan .

5 , good grounding electric iron welding .

6 , anti-static packaging materials .