LED lighting the design ideas

For part of people’s feelings about the lighting, can start with five lighting the way for discussion, because the design of LED lamps, LED components from the production process required in the wafer, wire, packaging, N, optics, module production, light shell production , the drive circuit … and other aspects, we must use for lighting situations, use, lighting purposes considerations, to optimize the design of the product.

LED lighting the design ideas

A direct lighting: used in offices dome light, lamps, etc. Down light patterns, from the top down projection applications, lighting output is almost 100% projection on the illumination area.

Second, the semi-direct lighting: semi-direct lighting is softer scenarios applies also softer design, usually set to about 81% of projected upward, downward projection of 19% for ways to reduce the direct illumination through the reflected light discomfort.

Third, indirect lighting: indirect lighting in house decoration is quite common, is also highly recommended for indoor multi-use indirect lighting can create a comfortable environment. Indirect lighting is lighting up the projected 90 percent, reflecting projected to post only 10% of the reflected light downward.

Four, semi-indirect lighting: Half indirect lighting applied in relatively narrow space environment that allows little space with variable high utility, for more special lighting effects.

Five, diffuse lighting: light moderate for the structural design, so that the light is not directly irradiated to produce soft, comfortable visual effects, and more emphasis on comfort for the bedroom or the environment.

After understanding lighting, lighting can be further from the five forms of understanding, to the production of components for lamps to reach closer to the destination terminal application requirements. LED light source device of the upstream manufacturers, in the production of end-user device that is required for the expression of light, LED trimming device manufacturing method, the light source so that the end-use application may be echoed demand, to achieve optimum design conditions to meet the use of LED to create the atmosphere of creating demand.