led projects in South America

First, packaging and labels. The national mandatory for LED lamp manufacturers following: the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency marked on the product packaging. Label Printing In general, high-quality products of good quality and signs clearly visible, indelibly wipe with a soft damp cloth, and manufacturer’s trademarks and certification marks.

Lamp appearance. Appearance should be free of cracks, loose and interfaces prized. In the process of installation, removal, lamp should not have loose or Waitoushan phenomenon. Lamp must choose the kind of engineering plastics flame retardant plastic case, the characteristics of its surface has a texture similar to frosted glass. Ordinary plastic surface is smooth and shiny, but easy to deform and flammable, is prohibited for the production of energy-saving lamps.

led projects in South America

Working condition. LED lamps led projects under normal operating conditions, the temperature rise should be relatively low, bad cooling conditions, the lamp beads at high temperatures, light failure will have a significant, lamp life will be greatly reduced. The same time, the lamps turn on and off, if there is rapid flashing, also shows that there are quality problems.

Work sound. EMC appliances must be through the project, the national flag of the electromagnetic compatibility test must be printed on the packaging of LED lighting products. We can pass a test to a simple judgment, with a medium-and short-wave radio, and when the lights work, turn the radio on nearby radio receives lower noise, better measured lamp electromagnetic compatibility. In the the mute the environment liking LED led projects lamps work of sound, can very clearly hear the the lamps work of sound, lighting power is not good.

As the majority do not have electrical knowledge consumers, how fast and simple to buy LED products to meet their own needs, generally focus on the following two indicators can be.

First, power and light efficiency. LED lamp led projects , the light efficiency is the luminous efficiency of the LED lamp refers to a product, units of lumen / watt. The higher the value, the better the energy saving effect of the lamp, more power, you should select a lm / W LED lamps. Based on the use of the environment to buy a size suitable power LED lamps, LED lamps currently on the market, the size of 16 watts LED lamps can achieve the equivalent of a 200 watt incandescent luminous flux is sufficient to meet the lighting requirements of 10 square meters of space .