Lower prices to accelerate the development of LED interior lighting

Too high price, immature technology has been the main factors hindering the popularity of LED interior lighting speed. After years of development, LED lighting technology has been greatly improved, and now is no longer a barrier to the promotion of LED interior lighting. The price, as the technology advances and market competition becomes more intense , LED products at lower prices also continued , in 2013 , the global LED bulbs to replace 60W retail price has dropped 28%.

Lower prices to accelerate the development of LED interior lighting

  In recent years , LED lighting products prices continued to fall , and have begun to close the traditional lighting products in the field of promotion of commercial lighting applications are already very mature , and gradually into the home lighting, but in general, LED lighting products to be really into ” ordinary people home ” still faces ” universal obstacle “problem :

  (A) The consumer overall awareness of LED lighting products is not high

June 2013 , a survey showed that Chinese consumers in the proportion of LED bulbs can clear awareness is only 25 %, so , China LED lighting market to open ordinary families still need adequate consumer education , so that ordinary household consumers LED lamps have a more full and complete understanding.

  (B ) consumers believe that LED lighting products, ” high price “

Currently, from the consumer point of view, the price is still a cross in front of the main obstacles LED interior lighting. The primary factor as the consumer consideration, the price has been an issue of most concern ordinary people. Although in recent years, LED lighting products prices continued to fall , so far , LED lamp compared to the energy saving lamp prices remain high , while domestic consumers just can accept the basic price of 20 yuan or less , so the price is still constrained LED indoor lighting products to the main factor in popularity .

  (C ) market disorder

In recent years, with the gradual strengthening of semiconductor lighting industry, more and more companies pour into the market. According to statistics, the domestic LED lighting companies have done thousands of basically doing outdoor lighting and indoor lighting together , these companies do not have strict market positioning , watching the government support to quickly make LED lights LED lights ,When hearing people say LED interior lighting export volume is large, it quickly made LED indoor lighting. Chaotic market order which greatly restricts the development of indoor LED lighting market.

  (D) Quality problems of LED indoor lighting products

Higher prices and disorder market lead to the result of market quality. In the absence of a complete set of technical standards and objective evaluation mechanisms situation, just a few years there are thousands of companies to squeeze into LED lighting, natural inevitably, some manufacturers in order to try to reduce costs, cut corners, shoddy. Low quality and ultimately harm the interests of the entire industry.