Overheating signs of led street lights china that investment in emerging industries

Strategic emerging industries as knowledge and technology intensive, lessconsumption of material resources, growth potential, good overall efficiency of theindustry, the past two years in the “appearance rate” in the deployment of national and local economies are high. Energy saving and environmental protection, a newgeneration of information technology, biotechnology, led street lights china, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, new energy vehicles as the representative of the sevenstrategic emerging industries, constitute the object at this stage focus on nurturing and development.Overheating signs of led street lights china that investment in emerging industries

According to the Institute of Engineering LED high bay industry statistics, in 2011 China’s LED industry total new above-scale investment projects (investment of more than $ 100 million) a total of 132, an increase of 58 compared with 2010. Benefit of the countrylaunched a number of preferential policies, such as the amount of R & D investmentsubsidies and tax credits, invest and set up approval of concessions, to attract a number of manufacturers competing to enter. 2011 China MOVDC new machine up tomore than 400 units, accounted for 60% of the amount of the world’s new device, became the global LED street light epitaxial create one of the major countries.

The rapid development of the LED, in fact, led street lights china, opened a corner of the “swing” of theemerging industries.

According to incomplete statistics, the country has 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of Things as one of the emerging development of key industries,many places are competing to enter the networking industry. In the cloud, it is showing abig “enclosure”, spent a lot of the situation of building a data center. Photovoltaic industry is also the case in Zhejiang Province, the existing 205 PV companies, led street lights china, more than half founded in September 2010.

Moreover, emerging industries of the “heat wave” has swept through the capital markets, new energy, networking, cloud computing, biological medicine, represented bystocks touted repeatedly.

In order to reflect the overall performance of listed companies in strategic emerging industries of the multi-level market, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange officially released onFebruary 1 this year Index Series emerging strategic industries, including the Shenzhenindex of emerging strategic industries, small and medium-sized board strategic emerging industries three of the index, led street lights china, the GEM strategic new industry index.