Professional football field lighting LED luminaire technical parameters

LED lamps have gradually replaced traditional metal halide lamps as an ideal choice for outdoor large stadium lighting. The special LED football field lighting fixtures are increasingly popular with the advantages of high luminous efficiency, low carbon energy, small size, and lightweight.

Professional football field lighting LED luminaire technical parameters

The performance of LED luminaires depends mainly on the three aspects of the chip, drive power and heat dissipation:

1. The technical parameters such as chip stability, luminous efficiency, light decay period, power factor, color temperature, and arrangement are important factors affecting the quality of the lamps. In the outdoor football field lighting, we can practice through long-term design and installation. Provide parameter reference, whether it is the use of patch or integrated (COB) chip good stability is the key, light efficiency ≥130LM / W, color rendering index ≥ 80Ra, light decay period of not less than 3 years, power factor in above 0.95, color temperature ≥ 5500K is white light, I believe that with the reference of these technical parameters, everyone has a clear idea when choosing the football field lamp chip configuration.

2, LED lamp drive power is also the key to directly determine the overall performance of the lamp, whether it is an external power supply or built-in power supply, are required to have good stability, adapt to different climates, this aspect of our commitment to the three-year warranty is usually to choose the big reliable brand power.

3, LED lamp housing mainly considers two major factors, one is the heat dissipation performance of the outer casing, and then the sealing waterproof performance. The fin-type heat-dissipating shell design has been recognized by the industry for its excellent heat-dissipation performance. The yogic sports lighting incorporates the technology of the respirator based on the fin-type heat-dissipation design (ie, the breathing is installed at the appropriate position of the lamp housing). The device is convenient for timely removing the hot gas and the moisture in the lamp from the lamp body, and blocking the external moisture from entering the lamp body, so the heat dissipation performance is excellent. On the other hand, it is sealed. In addition to considering the scientific design of the lamp housing, the details of sealing rubber ring and wiring port are also the most important. The overall protection level should be no less than IP65, which should not be lower than IP66 in the hot and humid climate.

In summary, as an outdoor LED lighting for large stadiums, it is suitable for various harsh environments such as outdoor high-altitude. When selecting lamps, scientific selection must be made in combination with specific technical parameters and actual needs. With a high-quality lighting system, it is not only a good expectation of the sports lighting industry but also the welfare of the group.