Solar LED street light installation considerations

Energy is an important guarantee for social and economic development, and vigorously develop renewable energy to open the main way to solve the energy crisis. With the improvement of people’s living standards, environmental awareness, the importance of sustainable human development and health, expanded, environmentally friendly energy-saving lamps demand human pollution. Solar LED street light energy saving, but need to pay attention to some problems when installed, to avoid lead to shortened life.

Solar LED street light installation considerations

1, the installation of a solar cell module should be gently, please don’t make solar cell module shorted.

2, threading point where the cord wiring together at the solar street light pole and solar cell module sealed with silicone, the battery pack is firmly fixed cables required in the stent, to prevent sagging due to the long power cord or pull loose and cause terminals and even fall off.

3, the installation of solar street lamp and light source to be gently, to ensure that through the mask clean, no scratches.

4. Do not touch the battery terminals and control valve when moving the battery, the battery short circuit is prohibited or tumbling.

5, pay attention to the positive and negative terminal, is strictly prohibited reversed, Terminal crimping solid, no loose, and should pay attention to the connection order is prohibited to make short circuit.

6. Do not touch the solar cell module and the battery “+” “at the same time -” pole to prevent electric shock hazard.

7, during the installation to avoid the solar LED street lamp body scratches.

8 bolts, solar street lamp, lamp arm, upper pole assembly, the solar cell module and other connections are secure, no loose.

9, must be added when installing a solar cell module shield.

10, solar LED street light pole galvanized poles supporting hole with sealing devices or silicone seal, and pay attention to appearance.