Sustainable LED lighting could improve city safety

Safety is the number one concern for most people, but about 60 percent feel unsafe walking at night in their community. Investing in lighting that is both environmentally friendly and crime deterrent is a win for any community.

Sustainable LED lighting could improve city safety

Overall, sustainable lighting is a better choice and the community will see the difference after the change.

Brighter than regular LED lights, LED lights can increase productivity and keep people awake, making them a great choice for everything from home offices to dark street corners. Bright lights mean better street lighting, making people feel safer walking home.

With brighter lights, people don’t have to worry about crime. The brightness of the LED lights can help victims identify attackers to deter crime or allow security cameras to capture the facial features of potential criminals. LED lights are also a great way to prevent corruption in your community and make a place safer.

Humans respond to light, and more people are active during the day than at night, but bright city streets can feel like there’s the activity or someone is in the area. With more people around, few criminals would consider attacking.

Even if a community doesn’t want to keep those street lights on all night, they can still reap the safety benefits of switching to LED lights.

The community can take advantage of the brightness of LED lights by incorporating smart controls. Smart controls can flash streetlights when someone nearby needs help, which is great for first responders and first responders who may be searching in the dark.

Overall, smart devices can improve energy efficiency in buildings and outdoors.